History of the Maize Maze, 40 Acres Farm, Bedhampton Hampshire

This incredible Mega Maize is located in Bedhampton Hampshire, United Kingdom and it is a favorite of many families to visit during the summer. The mega maize opened in July 10 2005 as a celebration to commemorate the 200th year anniversary of the Trafalgar Battle. It was made in honor of the Admiral Lord Nelson, one of Britain's naval heroes. A seven-acre site at the Forty Acres Farm in Bedhampton was chosen for this. It was collaboration between farmer Steven Mason, and Base Commander Commodore Amjad Hussain, and the designer Adrian Fisher.

The Maize Maze took three months to plant and more than four hundred thousand maize seeds. It was done using the technology of satellite to ensure that the crops will grow according to the pattern that was designed. The labyrinth is 2.5 miles long. It is considered the biggest puzzle maze in Hampton. Cost of entrance is 5.90 adults/ 4.90 children, in pounds. In mid September, the Maize Maze closes and the crops are harvested in order to be utilized as food for the cattle.

This was the first Maize to be created, but nowadays, more than 20 exist in the UK. Farmers take advantage of this way of making extra income, which has proven profitable. This year, farmer Mason's decision to close the maze comes after numbers of visitors continue to decline. The cost, management, and organization are too much to handle, when the maze is not being profitable. Instead, a new venture consisting of a pumpkin attraction. Amazingly, despite other farmers having trouble growing good pumpkins this year, especially in the north region, it seems that farmer Mason was able to manage a good crop of pumpkins and is thinking about developing the pumpkin attraction further. The pumpkin attraction will include a tractor ride that will take visitors to the pumpkin patch, where they can choose from thousands of pumpkins. Visitors also can carve a pumpkin, or enter a haunted house. There is also a Poltergeist China Smash attraction, a Sweetcorn Catapult, and a Barrel Pumpkin Ride. The new prices are Children pay 6.00 pounds and adults are free, but they have to be accompanied by a child. There are refreshments and the farm is open in all kinds of weather. These events are geared to attract more visitors, as the Mega Maize was losing popularity.

The Forty Acres Farm also has the pick your own strawberries event and Havant Carbootopya. Carbootopya is a car boot sales events in which people have boots set up and sell their treasures and goods. It is done every Saturday from 9-1pm. It is one of the largest car boot sales around. A Granny Attic's sale and Equestrian car boot sale are also popular.

Forty Acres Farm is one of the favorite farms of many families in the UK, and offers them entertainment as well as farm products such as produce, organic foods, and meats. Whether the Maize Maze will continue in the future or not, it is to be seen; however, it has been one, if not the most popular Maize Maze in Havant, and will certainly be missed by many visitors, if gone completely. For now, the new pumpkin attraction is sure to capture the attention of many families and visitors. One thing is for certain, there is always plenty of fun at Forty Acres Farm.

Disclaimer: The above information was correct as far as we could ascertain in early 2010, however we cannot guarantee it's accuracy and things may have changed in the meanwhile. Please note that the owners of this site have no connection whatsoever with 40 Acres farm and all information here is for amusement only.